OC Hair Police Costa Mesa

Anthony’s leap of faith, pier jump Junior Guard Program Summer 2009

OC Hair Police Costa Mesa



This blog seeks to support the unconditional pursuit of kids driven to touch the lives of their peers and communities from a perspective that is uniquely theirs. We celebrate their efforts as they present them to us while hoping that their compassionate approach will encourage the less fortunate to begin to believe in their own self-worth.

Anthony: The Inspiration For Best Day:

Our son, Anthony, was born with a visual impairment leaving him with severely blurred sight coupled with additional vision complications. He is a confident young man today due to our journey within our community of teachers, therapists, researchers, family, and friends.

There is a profound sense of grief upon the awareness of your child’s disability.  Interestingly, it has been Anthony’s strength, his peers, his courage, their cumulative voice that has carried my family through the maze of grief to a place that offers a deeper sense of meaning and beauty that otherwise did not exist prior to each of them entering our lives.

In fact, with the embodiment of the purity of a child’s heart while immersed in the goodness of the influence of his friends, Anthony has embraced his life as if everyday, all day is a multitude of one big best day!


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