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Arroyo Elementary School is located in North Tustin. The Mustangs are an impressive school reflected in their many accolades of which include the California Distinguished School Award for the year 2014. Their principal, Mrs. Villegas, has a favorite quote. It is “Carpe Diem” or “Seize the Day”! Second grade student Sabeen has done just this.

Sabeen loves her library. She looks forward to visiting her library regularly and wanted to express her gratitude for this in some way. Sabeen asked her teacher what she could do along these lines. Her teacher steered her to their principal Mrs. Villegas. Mrs. Villegas thought it best that she sign up with Ripple Kids™ as a means in which to effectively direct her endearing efforts.

Ripple Kids™ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering kids to take action in their communities by publicizing what their peers are doing. The evolution of Ripple Kids™ began in 2003 when the founder Bridget Belden was enlightened by her 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son as she would watch them naturally extend themselves to help others in a purely unconditional manner. Her epiphany from these experiences translated into the profound recognition that, as she states, “…If we can empower and support kids while they have the inclination and the creativity, what kind of community issues can we resolve? What kind of adults will those kids grow into? What kind of world can we create?”.

Sabeen exemplifies Mrs. Belden’s powerful view of the genuine kindness of a child’s heart and the tenderness of a Ripple Kids™ profile. Sabeen took the initiative to “Seize the Day” by signing up to become a Ripple Kid™. Sabeen’s idea to sell popsicles at her school with the intent to donate the proceeds to her library was provided guidance, encouragement and nurtured through the Ripple Kids™ website. In addition, she had help from her Mom, Dad, and Sister. Sabeen raised $59.00 for her library through her popsicle sales! The process made her feel “…very good and happy”.

Sabeen is 8 years old. At such a young age, she has been driven by her love for her library to simply want to offer this love back to the place on campus that makes her feel so good. In being guided by what is right, she was able to recognize that, as she has expressed, “…some small work can make a big difference”. Sabeen is truly a leader in stepping forward to create a positive “ripple effect” amongst her peers as she embraced becoming a Ripple Kid™. In honor of Sabeen’s lovely heart, unconditional gesture of gratitude, and leadership qualities, O.C.’s Hair Police is proud to submit a donation to the Arroyo Elementary School Library on behalf of Sabeen as our current “In It To Win It” recipient.


Family Fun March 2014





St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect excuse for a family outing as well as tipping ye hat into the realm of mystical leprechauns!  On March 16th, the O.C. Fairgrounds is holding their 8th Annual St. Patricks Day Celebration.  There is a fabulous line up of entertainment from world class Irish Dancers to Marston Smith, Lord of the Cello.  Entertainment abounds from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  For more information, please access their website; 


Leprechauns emerge this time of year being spotted by children at every turn.  Nurture this imaginary world of trickery and wonderment by baking traditional Irish Soda Bread.  While the bread is cooling, write a poem from a leprechaun on tracing paper.  Use your “non-writing” hand so your children do know it is you.  Roll the rhyme up real tight, place it in a straw cut to fit into the soda bread, and then slide it in the soda bread.  Be sure to remember where you placed it so that when you cut it, you are able to slice where the straw is not.  As your child enjoys the soda bread, they will then be stunned when they find a rhyme from a leprechaun¡ The following website has wonderful soda bread recipes to choose from;

To get you started, below are mystical rhymes that are loved by children every year!

Hear me in the breeze,                   Run with me,

See me in the trees,                        Laugh with me,

Watch for me dance                       Skip with me too,

on a flowers leaves,              Where ever you are,

keep looking for me              I’m always with you.

won’t you please.                              


On a leprechauns rainbow I now fly away

to return to you at this same time

next year on the this very same day!









“…a simple and totally awesome outdoor activity…Fill your yard, the beach, a park, a campground, or anywhere outdoors with giant, almost unpoppable, BUBBLES!!” Chelsea Rector

Balboa Island Native and current UCR Masters Student, Chelsea Rector, exclaims with a smile that, “Bubbles are incredibly colorful! They are able to illuminate any backdrop with an unpredictable canvas of ever changing hues based on the angle of the rays of light touching down upon the bubble as it emerges. Seemingly the bubble comes alive while creating its very own exclusive shape to not be repeated in exact formation really ever again. Fascinating!!”

Chelsea, while a Fellow at the Culver Center of the Arts, completed a bubble study as a part of her Fellowship at the Center. She is in the process of completing her Masters Degree (MFA) in the Visual Arts at UCR. For your best bubble results, she recommends the Beeboo Big Bubbles Kit and the Pro Bubble Juice both found on Amazon at a reasonable price. The Pro Bubble Juice works well with standard size bubble wands also. Chelsea strongly urges our readers to buy the Pro Bubble Juice by the “…gallon, for maximum fun!”

Bubbles have been entertaining people of all ages for at least 400 years. Bubbles can reach a height of 4 meters while there is no limit on the length that they are able to extend to. Children as young as 2 years of age through their college experience are able to benefit intellectually on a conceptual basis from the formations of bubbles by simply creating and/or watching them evolve from a bucket of soapy water. Be sure to maintain a higher bubble mix than water while making your very own bubble art. Ultimately, water will succumb to gravity affecting the ability of the bubble to maintain its vitality. The bubble mix will slow this process down due to its glycerol content.

OC’s Hair Police thanks Chelsea for her comments while hoping that her direction will allow you and your family the time this summer to enjoy the simple pleasures such as a little BUBBLE MANIA!



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Temecula Berry Company officially opens on May 16th.



. Along with berry picking, the farm features a daily chicken show with Farmer Ray and his assistant Hewy. The farm is open until 8 p.m. on Fridays with Friday movie showings beginnig June 1st. Please visit their website for further specifics on a place made out of love for families to enjoy. Let us know what you think…

Mothers Day Special!


Mothers Day Special!.

Mothers Day Special!


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Spectacular Mothers Day outing!


OC’s Hair Police encourages making an effort to visit the Flower Fields.  It’s a place where kids can run free while the entire family is able to lose themselves in the magnificence of Mother Nature at its best.  It is just really cool!  The flower beds begin to lose their vibrancy fairly quickly after Mother’s Day so, go now!!!  Let us know about your excursion should you choose to go…

Walk-a-Llama in Yorba Linda


Walk-a-Llama in Yorba Linda.

Walk-a-Llama in Yorba Linda

 Walk-a-Llama in Yorba Linda

Walk-a-Llama in Yorba Linda

Celebrate Earth Day in a fun family way. Let us know what you think!