Jaclyn, Savi, Khushi, Gavin: “In It To Win It” February Honorees

Best Day Feb 26.14

Jaclyn, Savi, Khushi, Gavin: “In It To Win It” February Honorees

“From the day my brother was born, he was presented with challenges. I became the overprotective sister…and became even more sensitive about how he was treated then him. I couldn’t imagine his world at the time; I still have trouble trying to wrap my head around the fact that he can’t see all that well. Being blinded by the light thrown onto me…took me to his dark, noisy, blurry world. …having to deal with only being able to see three feet in front of him his entire life, the kid is nothing short of a miracle.”

This insert was borrowed from an essay written this year by Newport Harbor High School sophomore Jessy about her younger brother. Jessy’s younger brothers humble beginnings started at Blind Children’s Learning Center (BCLC). Canyon High School student Jaclyn Skvarla shares in a similar path as Jessy.

Though neither young lady knows the other, each are in high school and both have disabled brothers that attended BCLC. This year, Jaclyn was presented with an assignment that would lead her back to a place where hearts heal as disabled children are nurtured on a course to become more then their families could ever dream of them being as these precious lives manage in the world with much less than the norm.

Jaclyn’s project requirement maintained that the outcome of the plan would have to provide meaningful results that would carry over into a long term gain for the people of an organization. Jaclyn wanted to “…give back some of the joy everyone brought us!” at BCLC by building the school a sensory garden.

Jaclyn offered her idea to her classmates Savi Williams, Khushi Arora, and Gavin Bains whom immediately embraced the concept. The foursome created a plan for a sensory garden in a planter on the BCLC campus. Determined to make a difference, they raised funds through a bake sale allowing them to purchase the needed supplies. The sensory garden maintains labels in Braille and is accessible independently by a wheelchair.

The world is blessed with unsung heroes if just for a moment one steps back to look. BCLC is an environment that answers this calling. Through their respective brothers lives, both Jaclyn and Jessy have been given the ability to maintain a peaceful acceptance of an imperfect world, the understanding of the strength of an indelible spirit wrapped in disability, the richness of love as it faces vulnerabilities ongoing.

BCLC nurtures “A Bond Like No Other”, as Jessy’s essay is titled, for countless young disabled children and their families. O.C.’s Hair Police commends Jaclyn, Savi, Khushi, and Gavin for their sensitivity to the visually impaired and blind students at BCLC as they brighten these children’s lives daily with their gift of a sensory garden.

In this spirit, O.C.’s Hair Police will proudly donate to BCLC’s sensory garden on behalf of Jaclyn, Savi, Khushi, and Gavin as they are deemed our “In It To Win It” current honorees.

                                                                   Best Day is a subsidiary of O.C.’s Hair Police

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