Matthew Kenslow: October “In It To Win It” Honoree

Best Day 10.16.13

Matthew Kenslow: October “In It To Win It” Honoree

Matthew Kenslow has a passion for juggling. He has delighted audiences for years with his ability to not only toss several items of varying shapes into the air simultaneously while continuing the circular motion but, also by adding a very impressive narrative of dates and facts to the act. His interest in juggling began with a stress relief ball given to him by his Aunt Debbie upon her return from an air show.

This simple gift from Aunt Debbie ignited a drive in Matthew with one fateful toss into the air that has allowed hundreds to be entertained for nearly 8 years now. Matthew maintains more than a passion for juggling. Since he can remember, he has always drawn. In 2012, he established an original and hand made card website called KENSLOW CARDS.

Again, a simple gift for his birthday in 2009 afforded him the opportunity to purchase supplies in order to begin to recreate his artistry on a canvas that could then be purchased as an original hand made card. His website is On over 95% of his cards, he insists on painstakingly providing his original signature. This multifaceted young man had a speech delay until the age of 3 and has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

Matthew is a joy to speak with. He references with pride the chronological order of the growth of his online card business and affectionately recants his yearly return to his second grade teacher’s, Mr. Thaddeus Richards, classroom at Newport Heights Elementary so that he may delight Mr. Richards students with his juggling act.

Additionally, Matthew confidently discusses the difficult task of attaining the Gold Medal of Achievement award through the Royal Ranger Program that he has accomplished. This organization is the Christian version of the Boy Scouts and their Eagle Scout medal of honor. Currently, he is a Junior Commander within the program. Matthew is also in his first year of Junior College at Orange Coast College.

It is an understatement to say that Matthew is an anomaly. Throughout his life he has transformed expressions of love toward him into outward gifts of the same to those around him in a vastly growing circle. In nurturing this seemingly natural signature response, Matthew has asked that O.C.’s Hair Police provide our current “In It To Win It” donation to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at his former High School, Newport Harbor High. This on campus club embodied the simple gift of a “nice atmosphere of people and friends” for Matthew.

O.C.’s Hair Police is honored to promote Matthew’s healthy perspective of human interaction through kindness to the FCA so that they may continue to inspire the Matthew’s amongst us to be our reminder that our differences can be our strengths in unifying where we would have otherwise remained oceans apart.

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